How to become an alliance partner

We are looking for alliance partners. DOSA’s motto is high-quality courses all over Japan and unified curriculum and service regulations in order not to bother students. That is why only who meets our strict standards can become a partner.

Step 1: attending DOSA “Industrial drone operation qualification” course

There is a need to attend DOSA industrial drone operation qualification course to be aware of its content well even you have a qualification from another association.

Step 2: mastering DOSA curriculum

Review and practice what you learned in Step 1 at least for 100 hours until mastering.

Step 3: DOSA partner/instructor qualification test (proficiency test/interview)

DOSA partner qualification test will decide whether you can operate DOSA school as a partner or not. At least 1 administrator and 2 instructors are needed.

We will conduct both proficiency test and interview for instructor qualification to understand the skills level regarding every DOSA course and customer service. Especially we will focus on service regulations in the interview.

Step 4: starting as DOSA authorized school

After passing all steps you will be able to act as an alliance partner. Please expand the safe and secure operation to many people.

Fees to become a partner

・Industrial drone operation qualification course fee: 260,000 yen *2 person
※ Please make sure that 2 perason attend the course.
・DOSA participation fee: 500,000 yen
・Area Exclusive Right fee: 300,000 yen

※All fees exclude tax.

Partnership fees

・DOSA annual fee: 30,000 yen/ year
・DOSA qualification certificate issue: 5,000 yen/ one
・DOSA textbook (10 copies): 30,000 yen ※ 10 copies order
・Staff polo shirts (10): 50,000 yen ※ 10 shirts order

※All fees include tax.