This policy applies to every course (drone operation qualification, industrial drone operation qualification, etc.) defined, managed, and carried out by every DOSA partner school under the supervision of DOSA (drone operation service alliance). Please check and understand this policy first before applying to any of our courses.

Article 1 (application)

  1. This policy decides the points that every student of every course DOSA operates should follow, and every applicant must agree on this policy before applying.
  2. The content of each course is exactly as written in the documents and curriculum etc. which we will give to the student. However, if there is any change like adding content, we will notify the student immediately. After notifying the student, this policy applies to the change.

Article 2 (applying to our course)

  1. The applicant must apply to the course through the ways defined by DOSA.
  2. We are not responsible for any disadvantage to the applicant due to application procedures mistake, error in writing, time lag or any ignorance/misunderstand of this policy or application forum.

Article 3 (eligible applicant)

  1. Applicant must meet the conditions below.
  • Over 15 years old (we will talk personally with the applicant parent as his approval is necessary for who is under 15 years old)
  • Both eyes vision is 0.7 or more and can distinguish between red and green
  • Not related to or a member of gang, gang-related company, corporate racketeer, or antisocial force
  1. Applicant cannot enroll in the course unless he meets the decided conditions.

Article 4 (course fee and payment method)

  1. Applicant must pay course fee etc. with the decided payment method and deadline.
  2. Applicant must pay any additional charges (for bank transfer, credit card payment).

Article 5 (cancel, change)

  1. Confirm your schedule before applying as cancel is not possible due to service quality.
  2. It is possible to take the same course on another day for a compelling reason such as accident or disaster etc.
  3. We may cancel the course if unavoidable without any notification.
  4. In the previous case, the student does not have to pay any additional fee for taking the same course on another day.

Article 6 (accepting the application)

  1. Applicant accepted according to our rules must complete the notified fee transfer, procedures, documents submission within the decided period and submit correct and new registration information required such as name, address, phone number, etc.
  2. Applicant will not be accepted until confirming the payment and the submitted documents according to this policy.

Article 7 (discharge)

  1. Student must compensate for any damage he caused to the school or alliance.
  2. Student must compensate for any damage caused to the school or alliance due to a dispute with another student or third party and settle that dispute.
  3. We do not guarantee that the student will acquire all course content for sure.

Article 8 (confidential information etc.)

  1. This policy applies to the confidential information mentioned below in 2 and the personal information in 3.
  2. Confidential information refers to the information related to this policy, and business, skill, property, profitable or secretive information such as know-how, idea acquired during the course. However, this excludes the information agreed in documents by us in advance.
  3. Personal information refers to the information provided to the student during the course, the information included in this policy, and the information related to our staff such as name, date of birth, ID number, symbol, code, picture, voice, or other description whereby a specific individual can be identified (including the information (even an individual cannot be identified with it itself) that can be combined easily with another information to identify a person).

Article 9 (prohibition of confidential information etc. disclosure, leak, and unintended usage)

  1. Student must keep the confidential information etc. strictly and not disclose/leak to a third party or use it other than for this policy intended purposes.
  2. We can demand indemnity from the student in case he damaged the school by breaking the preceding regulation.
  3. We will use the student personal information just in the following cases.
  • Notifying personal information registration/change by email
  • Contact during the course
  • Sending bill or another document by email
  • Questionnaire for our quality control
  • Notifying the change/suspension of our service
  • Sharing operator information (email newsletter, direct mail)
  • Sending qualification certificate
  • Replying to an inquiry
  • Identity verification
  • Contacting the user in case of emergency
  1. We will not disclose the personal information acquired during the usage of this service or share it with a third party excluding the following case.
  • When it is decided to be necessary by law

Article 10 (handling intellectual property right)

  1. Any know-how, idea, technique, learning material, book, video, authored work, copyright/trademark right of a term/mark (course content), or another information included/used in the course belongs to us and the student is not authorized to infringe on any of the rights in any way.
  2. The student must not, use course content other than for his own study, remove/modify the sign used for copy protection or other technological protection, distribute, sell, give, lend to a third party, modify, translate, license consent usage, or share on SNS/website.
  3. It is not allowed to record and photo or video the class/practical training. However, this excludes what we allow such as item student made by himself during the course.

Article 11 (prohibited acts)

  1. We can cancel this policy immediately without any notification and prevent the student from applying again without refunding the course fee in the following cases.
  • When it was proved that the student stated false content in the course application
  • When the student did/prepared to do an invitation activity to a specific religion, specific political party/society election campaign, profit‐making activity, or any other acts we prohibit
  • When the student acted against the policy of the host facility of this course
  • When the student acted against this policy
  • When the student was infected with an infectious disease
  • When a condition changed from application time (working condition/physical reason etc.)
  • When the student did not obey our instructions, disturbed the course, or broke down drone/controller/battery/tablet, etc.
  • When we decided that the student is inappropriate for another reason
  1. We may order the student to leave if we decided that he will disturb the course in cases other than written in 1.

Article 12 (negotiation)

We will negotiate/decide with each other under the principle of truth/honesty about questionable points or cases not decided in this policy.

Article 13 (jurisdiction by agreement)

In case there is a dispute regarding this policy, we will designate the district court or summary court of our area the agreement jurisdictional court for the first instance.

Enacted/put into operation on December 1, 2020
Drone Operation Service Alliance (DOSA)
DOSA Chiba・Toyama