Suggestion/inquiry regarding sales

Thank you very much for accessing to DOSA home page. An efficient business is indispensable since DOSA is developing businesses with a small number of people.

We understand that everyone is working hard to recover sales under the COVID-19 situation but unfortunately, lately, a lot of persistent sales are coming from people who do not have business rules or manners and that wastes both of our time and effort.

Therefore, who applies for any of the cases below please do not phone or email us as we may take legislative measures if it becomes unpardonable.

SEO, internet advertisement/sales promotion

We do not have any plans to ask another company for SEO or internet advertisement/sales promotion as we are carrying on them by ourselves.

Home page creation/management

As mentioned above we do not have any plans to ask another company for home page creation/ management as we are carrying on them by ourselves as well.


We are not recruiting as we are doing our best to just keep the current employees due to the COVID-19 situation. We also will not cut our budget for publishing recruiting advertisements.

Magazine/newspaper chargeable advertisement

Even you phoned or emailed us we cannot meet your expectations since we will search and contact for such service if needed.

Suggestion regarding subsidy/grant

Information regarding subsidy/grant can be gotten easily using the internet and our company already has received various grants so we are not planning at all to request this to another company. So do not contact us for such talk as it will not lead to any business.


We are not interested at all in tax-saving financial products and forward transactions using insurance, estate, leasing and we refuse any other sales as well.

Inquiry about DOSA

Please fill in the inquiry form below and the person in charge will get back to you within few days.