Special BVLOS flight training without a helper

Skills training and lesson regarding decision/control methods and understanding emergency from far place are necessary, as there is a need to use the system/drone attachments instead of BVLOS flight helper.

Target applicants

Who experienced before BVLOS flight (with a helper) for more than 10 hours, as high skills and knowledge are required (there is a necessary to submit documents prove your experience and notice that we will keep a copy in our office).

Course curriculum

Schedule Content Content
First day 1 hour Classroom learning Regulations/standards Learning BVLOS flight (without helper) requirements, possible risks, and the role of a helper.
2 hours Procedures check Checking detailed procedures and control method of “unmanned aircraft inspection/maintenance”, “safety system” and “contact system in case of emergency” which differ from BVLOS flight (with a helper) using flight manual.
2 hours Emergency response Learning how to deal with emergency by confirming how to operate monitor displays weather conditions and error caution.
Second day 2 hours Practical Monitoring third person entry BVLOS flight (without helper) simulation by checking the existence of third person or airplane from the estimated flight altitude depending only on FPV monitor and the procedures should be taken then.
2 hours Emergency response BVLOS flight (without helper) simulation by confirming the procedures should be taken to reset flight route or change to manual control (including program stopping) in case of discovering third person or airplane on FPV monitor.
1 hour Remote operation BVLOS flight (without helper) simulation by doing practical training to maintain the intended flight route and land safely depending only on FPV monitor.
1 hour Learning level check Checking classroom and practical learning level at the end.


330,000 yen per person (tax included)
※ There is a discount for groups more than two. Inquire for more details.
※ The above-mentioned fee includes textbook price and drone/tablet rental fee during the course.